Born in Yaoundé (Cameroon) in 1984, Gaël Rostand Pokam is a Cameroonian painter, holder of a Baccalaureat AF2 from the Mbalmayo Art Institute (IFA), and a BA in painting  and History of Art. His academic background is crowned by the award of a Master’s degree in History of Art Arts of Africa,  at the University of Yaoundé 1. As far as his vocational training is concerned, I took part in several workshops and artistic residences among which: comic book, easel painting, contemporary art, digital photography, cultural management…

At the age of 21, he started a professional career. Having thus participated in almost thirty group’s and individual exhibitions both in Cameroon, Paris in France,  Djamena in Chad, Venice in Italy, Houston in the USA.

Currently he is exhibited at the gallery Carole Kvasnevski in Paris and at the World Bank at Yaounde Cameroon.

An approach to his art:

Rostand Pokam works on colours with its close environment as morphological pretext. It is in this capacity that his work is very often figurative and could be likened to a study of the city since he is a city Douala.

His real quest is that of a critique of contemporary social phenomena simultaneously with the artist’s constant need to solve latent plastic problems, contrasting color, representation, presentification, depth, harmony, balance… each new plastic research solved by The birth of a work poses new plastic problems. It is in this gear that its creation fluctuates.

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