At the age of 62, Denis Defrancesco opens a new chapter in his career: Painter, sculptor, photographer, he traveled around the world.

It brings a shifted look on this World, where fantasies follow us all our life. His Work is composed of highlights of his life, without any taboos. His fantasies are those of the World that surrounds us, these are our own, yours, but the Artist brings them to light.

I quote:

I like the picture, I like Newton and Gerhard Richter, I’m a photographer.

I love Chema Madoz, I’m Surealist.

I love contemporary painting, I love Basquiat, Warhol, Pollock, I am a Painter.

I like forms, matter and the future, I like Frederico Diaz.

I love insolence and provocation I love Damien Hirst, I am a Plastic Art artist.

I love the diversity of universes, the supernatural and the worlds that exist that in the imagination of men, I love Jan Fabre and Maurizio Cattelan, I am an ARTIST.

About my work, I like to have flashes Of my past, the memories rooted in my memory are a source of inspiration that enriches my creations, they are the ones who build me, I need to share them, expose them, transfigure them. “


“At the end of the day, at 62, with the time remaining I have not finished, every day is a renaissance, I have so many people to see, so many images, so many projects to realize, so much to discover , To dare, to tempt, to provoke, to offer. I have many things to tell, I have fallen far behind but there is a time for everything, I am what I do, I only know that without Works to show I am nothing. “

Entering the fantasy world of Denis Defrancesco is a journey of all artistic cultures; The wood made of Olivier surrounds the plexiglass, the genital parts of Monkey, the Marble of Appolo… The work of Denis Defrancesco does not leave indifferent, it brings to our attention a strong feeling of difference.

Denis Defrancesco exhibits in Venice, at Palazzo Bembo, a short distance from the Rialto Bridge. You will discover its works for real, it is striking!

See Denis Defrancesco’s artworks on Futile Gallery