Christian Kantuzer was born in 1971 in Austria. His family moved to Germany in 1972 and he has lived in Cologne for the past twenty-one years. In Cologne, he studied the science of film, television and theatre. In 2004 he co-founded freischwimmer, a directors team creating commercials, documentaries, web only video content and more. Christian Kantuzer does most of the camera work as a DoP and was responsible for the imagery.

During that time, Christian Kantuzer never lost his interest in arts. Constantly he has never stopped making art and experimenting with various techniques like woodcut, stencil art and acrylic painting.

Christian Kantuzer is always open minded for trying new techniques such as, for example, glitch art.

Now Christian Kantuzer has decided to focus more on his work as an artist.

For Christian Kantuzer, inspiration is a combination of tradition, impressions and new ways of communication.

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