He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and toured Italy to develop various artistic skills and experience life.

One of his most relevant projects is called I’ m trying to find, Silence.

I’m trying to find, Silence, is a painting project concept, it includes the construction of 99 works that added to the title, reaching the sum of 100.

These paintings are the result of the study on the color through the use of whites. Trying to seek silence, forms became rarer until it disappears and the absence of a significant and well-defined semantics has made them similar to music. So it created an oxymoron: the Abstract says as the music says, but we do not know what, but, he says, and we like it. In addition to the music through the silence because silence is amplified, such as white, but does not cover reveals. White, of painting in painting, silent silent, forward, up to the Silence.

And ‘reading of the work of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre that made me completely adopt a point of view and an existentialist attitude, consequently painting that I became this. And ” I am doing ‘paintings’ do’ my existence, unique, unrepeatable, absurd and contingent. And ‘painting that I work choices, this presents challenges and consequent responsibility.

Inaudible, but the paintings are permeated by the Baroque Music, is instead visible every raid that Life has done on canvas, abolition of the frame, cracks and signs made by the case, they have recorded my artistic career and life.

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